ombre? melts? baby lights? confused..?

'Hi i'm Bethan, I'd love to take you through all the different terms we use for salon colour techniques.

It can be confusing knowing your bleach & tone from your colour melt and don't get me started on peoples take on ombre and balayge!

The techniques we use now are so different from what we used four years or even two years ago so let me guide you through our colour terminology... '   



The ultimate classic salon colour service.

'Got some fresh new sparkles showing through (sshh don't mention greys) need a refresh on your existing colour or a complete change of tone... TINT IS THE ANSWER'   




However you look at it highlights are here to stay!

'Adding multitone or a complete blonding process, foils are our universal friends. We use foils to separate tint and bleach from one another